for my english speaking customers

Unfortunately, it's not possible to make an english version of this website, but nevertheless, it's of course possible for you, to purchase forks in my shop.

Paypal is a valid payment option for me, but you have to contact me (after buying something) via Just choose "Vorkasse" as payment option in the shop.

If you have any questions or problems, please just contact me and I will help you as far as I can. Also custom orders are of course possible!


The guides for fork bending and for an addional headshape are also available in english under the headline "Guides / Tipps".

If you are interested in some fork:

"Gesamtlänge" = total length

"Nutzlänge" = functional length

"Breite"= width

"Gewicht" = weight


"Zur Kasse" = proceed to checkout

"Kaufen" = buy

"Versandkosten" = shipping costs



I hope this is kind of helpful, if some automatic translator fails :)